to play

Someone once said that a life without music would be a life not worth living. It might be music to your ears to hear that we are the place for music. And who said that you can’t be the one who makes it?

Bring your guitar, let’s enjoy!


Go back in time to the nostalgic days of your childhood.

Revive the excitement that came from the best games of the 90s; Super Mario, Pacman, Metal Slug and many others that you can find next to the reception on the ground floor.

In addition, when you see that the ping pong room is available, you can request the ping pong balls and paddles at the reception and challenge your friends to a game on our chic pink and gold table


Here, you will be able to find musical instruments available for everyone to use, events and DJ sets.

it doesn't matter if you aren't a musician, a rockstar or a songwriter... Everyone is welcome.

Because ARRYVO is a place of heart, where you can feel free to express your passions.